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Fresh Grass Under Sunset
Fall Lawn Fertilization: Dos and Don'ts
As the balmy summer days give way to the brisk chill of fall, our attention . . .
6 Minutes
The Spotted Lanternfly is a small, invasive insect that has been making headlines in recent . . .
5 Minutes
Seasonal Strategy: Aeration and Overseeding Timing for Optimal Growth
Maintaining a healthy lawn requires more than just watering and mowing on a regular basis. . . .
7 Minutes
5 Mistakes to Avoid with Aeration and Overseeding
Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes time and effort, but there are a few key practices . . .
6 Minutes
Soil pH and Why It Matters For Healthy Turfgrass
Most homeowners strive to have a lush, green lawn but a lot of them fail . . .
4 Minutes
Fertilizers Vs. Soil Amendments: Which One is Right For Your Lawn & What’s The Difference?
Your lawn is dependent on soil for food, but today’s soil is not as nutrient-rich . . .
4 Minutes
Aeration: Uncovering the Hidden Benefits for Your Lawn's Roots
It’s natural to want a lush, healthy-looking lawn that makes you the envy of the . . .
5 Minutes
Managing Common Lawn Pests and Diseases in Pennsylvania
Given the diverse climate and soil conditions across Pennsylvania, homeowners in our beautiful state must . . .
4 Minutes
The Real Cost of Grub Damage
The Real Cost of Grub Damage Grub Damage can take some hefty green out of . . .
5 Minutes
When Should You Water Your Lawn After Fertilizing?
Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn requires effort and dedication, and one of the most . . .
5 Minutes
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