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Expert Lawn & Tree Care Tips & Insights From Turfcor

The latest news, tips, and expert knowledge in the world of lawn & tree care. Learn how to maintain the healthiest lawn, trees, and shrubs from the leading experts at Turfcor.
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Two Deceptive Grass-Eating Insects in Pennsylvania
It’s common for lawn pest damage to go overlooked until it’s too late. The browning . . .
6 Minutes
Identifying and Controlling Lawn Grubs
It’s important to know how to identify a grub control problem and it’s also crucial . . .
4 Minutes
6 Tips for a Thicker & Greener Lawn This Season
Now that spring is here and everything is sprouting back to life, it’s the perfect . . .
6 Minutes
Timing Crabgrass Pre-emergent Applications in Spring
Fresh green grass sprouts at the start of spring officially shedding winter’s dreary frost. However, . . .
4 Minutes
Spring Lawn Care Revitalizes Your Yard
Early spring is the ideal time to prepare your grass for the hot heat ahead. . . .
7 Minutes
8 Types of Spring Weeds That Grow In Pennsylvania Lawns
Spring is just around the corner and pretty soon, that sweet smell of life will . . .
4 Minutes
Armyworms Are Invading Pennsylvania!
Is Your Lawn Being Invaded By Armyworms?  There’s an army marching into the Northeast that . . .
3 Minutes
7 Common Types of Lawn Disease In Pennsylvania
When you start to cultivate a lot of the same types of plants together, disease . . .
4 Minutes
Why & When You Should Apply Lime To Your Lawn
When it comes to establishing a new lawn or treating an existing one, you’re bound . . .
4 Minutes
Fertilizers Vs. Soil Amendments: Which One is Right For Your Lawn & What’s The Difference?
Your lawn is dependent on soil for food, but today’s soil is not as nutrient-rich . . .
4 Minutes
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