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Tree Insect Protection
TurfcorSM Certified Tree Care

Insect & Tree Disease Management Services in Eastern Pennsylvania

Diseases affect trees, just like any other living thing. Some tree diseases are simply unsightly, while others may decrease productivity or cause the tree to die.

When a tree’s disease defenses are weakened, the disease may gain a foothold in the tree, causing infection and, in some cases, tree death.

Keep your trees healthy and vigorous by avoiding insect, fungus, and bacteria-caused diseases by contacting us for a consultation. Turfcor offers a wide range of insect and disease management options to keep your trees in top condition!

Turfcor Certified Tree Care Professionals

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Get in touch with the Turfcor Certified experts in Insect & Tree Disease Management today.

What Causes Stress in Trees?
  • The most common causes are drought, overcrowding, and stem or root damage.
  • Stem damage invites infection by creating an entry point for pathogens.
  • Root damage allows pathogens to enter the tree and reduces the tree’s ability to collect water, putting it under stress and making it more vulnerable to infection.
  • Drought decreases a tree’s ability to isolate infections and avoid their spread through the tree, whether due to a lack of rainfall, overcrowding, or root damage.
Our Tree Care Experts will diagnose the proper disease control for your trees.

Turfcor’s tree care specialists are experts in identifying and treating a wide range of insects and diseases that affect Pennsylvania’s trees, such as the Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease.

  • Diagnose the problem(s) that your tree is experiencing.
  • Discuss all treatment programs and management options for the species of trees.
  • Measure each tree for accurate pricing options.
  • Discuss specifics and answer any questions you may have!

Pest management and disease control injections and sprays

Following the diagnosis of your problem, we treat your trees with the appropriate product at the appropriate time to address your tree’s health. We reduce the amount of product required to fix your tree’s problem by using products targeted to your particular insect or disease, as well as carefully timed applications. Because timing is so important in a successful treatment, Turfcor’s experts will keep a close eye on environmental cues to determine the best time to apply the treatment.

Tree insect treatment with natural horticultural sprays

Horticultural oils are a low-impact pest control choice with numerous benefits. Horticultural oils have a lower impact on non-targeted species, which is useful for handling a range of insects and diseases.

Spraying trees for insect and disease treatment

Spray treatments are used to control pests and pathogens that are difficult to control and cannot be targeted with injections. We monitor weather and will not spray while it is raining or windy, in addition to monitoring environmental variables to identify the most efficient time for the spray to occur.

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Contact Turfcor, and we'll help diagnose and treat your trees for insects and tree disease.

Learn more about the insects and diseases that can harm your trees, as well as the different treatments available.

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