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Weed Control
TurfcorSM Certified Lawncare

Pre-Emergent & Weed Control Services

The presence of weeds in a home lawn tarnish the appearance of turf.

Lawn Weeds! They’re annoying, persistent, and they seem to perpetuate an endless war on your lawn. Unwanted weeds compete with the desired turf grass for water, nutrients, light and space.

Lack of control of these weeds often results in a deterioration of the turfgrass stand as the number of weeds increases. Total lawn restoration eventually may be required, should weeds be allowed to dominate the stand.

Our experts  will recommend the best approach for your particular type of lawn  and use the best products and latest methods to eradicate your weed problems and make sure they stay away.

Turfcor Certified Lawncare Professionals

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Preventing crabgrass in your lawn begins in early spring

Crabgrass’s weak plant structure, coarse texture, and unsightly color make it an undesirable grass for lawns. These characteristics don’t blend well with the fine-textured, lush, green lawn grass that most homeowners want.

Applying  a crabgrass pre-emergent treatment in the spring will help keep most of those pesky crabgrass weeds from popping up during the summer.

A crabgrass pre-emergent treatment targets germinated seedlings and roots, preventing those unsightly weeds from establishing a home in your lawn. Control strategies for annual and perennial weed grasses vary, and your Turfcor Lawn Care professional will be glad to discuss these methods with you.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Persistent broadleaf weeds, like plantains and dandelions, can transform a lush, smooth lawn into coarse and uneven turf. Like crabgrass, the best time to combat broadleaf plants is in spring when lawns start to actively grow and the weeds are small and easier to manage. We also follow up with an additional treatment in late-summer or early fall, when weeds and grass start to store up winter reserves. Contact Turfcor today to prevent broadleaf weeds from jeopardizing your lawn’s health and beauty.

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