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Lawn Disease
TurfcorSM Certified Lawncare

Lawn Disease Control in PA

How professional lawn disease control can help your lawn

It can be hard to tell what’s wrong with your lawn from an untrained eye. Is this an insect? Grub problem? Or, is this a common lawn disease? Diagnosing the problem first is the most important part of any disease control program. The lawn care experts at Turfcor will diagnose your lawn’s current situation and provide the most effective solution to make sure your lawn stays healthy.

You’re noticing that something doesn’t look right with your lawn. You might be seeing brown spots or patches of grass that are covered in a white-like powder. You know it’s a problem but not really sure how to take care of it the right way.

Whether it’s a lawn disease or a possible lawn pest problem, Turfcor’s lawn care experts will have a solution for you to “Get Back the Green” so you can enjoy a lush, healthy lawn all summer long.  Schedule a consultation with one of our experts today!

Turfcor Certified Lawncare Professionals

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Get in touch with the Turfcor Certified experts in Lawn Disease Control today to get started on your path to a healthier, greener lawn.

Common Lawn Diseases, Signs & Symptoms

Powdery Mildew – First appears on grass blades as a white powder or film and then changes to brown patches.
Fungal Diseases – Fungus control problems account for most lawn disease. Some lawn fungus diseases look like a black powdery film on grass blades, others can be brown patches.
Snow Mold –   Usually seen early in spring and can appear as gray or white matted turf patches.
Other common grass diseases – Includes red thread, dollar spot, rust, brown patch, and necrotic ring spot.

What you can expect from Turfcor’s lawn disease control service

You could have a problem with your lawn if you see brown patches, rings, or thinning grass. Lawn diseases and insect problems can look very similar to other environmental stresses. With Turfcor’s Lawn Disease Control Service , our professionals will:

  • Diagnose your lawn disease or insect problem.
  • Formulate a strategy to fix the particular condition or insect issue your lawn is experiencing.
  • Recommend both curative and preventative treatments to correct your current problem and keep any other issues from arising.

Contact Us For A Free Quote Today

Schedule an appointment today with one of our experts to learn more about your lawn’s treatment or prevention of disease and insect problems. We’ll diagnose the problem and prescribe the best remedies to “get back the green!” A strong defense in the form of a healthy lawn is the best offense to beat lawn problems. Our experts will help keep your lawn so that it looks fantastic and is more immune to stressors such as drought and disease.

Schedule Service with A Turfcor Lawn Disease Repair & Prevention Expert Today

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