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Lawn Fertilization
TurfcorSM Certified Lawncare

Fertilization Services in Eastern Pennsylvania

How Lawn Fertilization Plans Can Help Your Lawn Flourish

The majority of homeowners dream of enjoying a green, lush lawn during the warmer months. They also know it can be difficult to maintain a beautiful lawn. To remain in great shape, even the healthiest lawns need help. The Fertilization Services of Turfcor Lawn & Tree Care will help you build a lawn you’ll love and make sure it continues to flourish!

  • Promotes root and leaf growth
  • Improves soil and turf health
  • Helps the lawn resist damage from stressors such as pests, diseases, and drought
  • Replenishes vital nutrients that can be lost over time
  • Crowds out weeds — naturally!

Turfcor Certified Lawncare Professionals

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Get in touch with the Turfcor Certified experts in Lawn Fertilization today to get started on your path to healthier, greener lawn.

When Should You Hire an Expert for lawn fertilization services?

Many homeowners ask the question: When should I fertilize my lawn? It is optimal to perform 4 to 6 incremental fertilizer applications throughout the growing season. In order to encourage optimal growing conditions, the first application, which is typically done in March through May, is the most important. Early summer fertilizer can also be paired with preventive treatments for crabgrass. We recommend 2 to 3 maintenance applications over the warmer summer months, along with careful attention to watering. The final applications will be completed early and late fall.

Timing is not the only aspect that is important. The type of fertilizer used makes a major difference for the health of your yard. Turfcor’s experts use only the best slow-release, granular products that won’t burn your lawn or stimulate the grass to grow too quickly. We will create a customized lawn fertilization plan that will leave you with a healthy lawn you can enjoy all summer long!

Starter Fertilizer for New Lawns

Seeding or Overseeding a new lawn requires a little more than just spreading some grass seed. Applying a starter fertilizer to the soil in conjunction with spreading the seed gives the plants a boost by helping with root establishment. Starter fertilizer is high in phosphorus, which will benefit the root system of the newly germinated seed.

Using a Professional Lawn Fertilization Service Can Help:
  • Prevent using too much or the wrong type of fertilizer for your grass type.
  • Uneven fertilizer distribution
  • Applying more than the lawn needs and is able to use
  • Applying fertilizer when it isn’t needed for your grass type

Contact Us For A Free Quote Today

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of properly fertilizing your lawn. Our experts will consult with you on how to maximize your lawn’s vitality and get that thick, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted!

Get a Turfcor Certified Lawn with our fertilization & weed control services

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