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Why Your Lawn Needs Core Aeration and Overseeding

Aerating and overseeding your grass is one of the best ways to revitalize and strengthen your lawn. Learn more in this article.
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Lawns are one of the most popular outdoor living areas during the spring and summer. They provide us a place to unwind, have fun, and host family and friends when they come to visit. Lawns, like any other landscape, require regular maintenance in order to remain healthy and attractive. That’s why we at Turfcor recommend core aeration and overseeding at least every other year in the late summer or early fall.


What Is the Purpose of Aeration and Overseeding?

It’s a good idea to aerate and overseed your lawn in order to help the roots grow deeper and guarantee that there is enough grass to cover thin spots. Aeration is the process of making small holes in the soil so that water, air, and nutrients can get to the grass roots. 

Overseeding is the process of dispersing grass seed over a large area in order to promote new growth. Overseeding and aeration work together to remove compacted soil and thatch, allowing roots to access the nutrients they need to thrive, and ensuring that the lawn is lush and green.

Should You Be Concerned About Aeration and Overseeding in Your Yard?

Aeration and overseeding should be done on a regular basis in every yard. There are, however, a few ways to tell if your grass requires this treatment sooner. If your yard is frequently used, such as by children and pets, it is likely compacted and could benefit from aeration. 

If your house was recently constructed, construction traffic most likely has created compaction during the construction process. If your lawn was created with sod, the soil may be stratified, which can be remedied with aeration.

Even if none of these conditions apply to your lawn, aeration and overseeding will most likely be beneficial. Examine your grass to determine if it is compacted or if there is a thicker coating of thatch present. 

If you see pooling when it rains, that is a common sign of compaction because the water cannot quickly drain into the soil. To check the thatch, remove a section of turf about 4 inches deep and measure the thatch. Consider aeration if it is more than a half-inch thick.

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When Is Aeration and Overseeding Performed?

The timing of aeration and overseeding is critical. If you want to get the best results, you must do it at the proper time of year. Late summer and early fall is the ideal time to aerate cool-season grass.

Aeration should be carried out at least once every three years at a minimum. Many lawns, however, require more frequent service, primarily if they are heavily used.

If you have heavy compaction or heavy thatch, have your lawn aerated more frequently. Most homeowners will have this done every year to avoid problems and keep their grass healthy.

Benefits of Overseeding and Core Aeration in Late Summer or Early Fall 

So why should core aeration and overseeding be done in late summer or early fall? This is when cool season grass grows, and it prepares the roots for increased growth before winter; giving your grass the best chance to survive. It also makes spring grass greener and thicker!

The roots benefit from core aeration by getting all the nutrients they require to flourish, which promotes good grass growth before the weather turns cold. This helps to guarantee that the grass will survive the winter and thrive in the spring. Filling up sparse spots and thickening the grass before the winter weather sets in is the main benefit of overseeding. 

This is why late summer and early fall are the greatest time of year to plant grass seeds for a spring lawn that will be lush and green with new growth. With aeration and overseeding, your lawn will look its best when spring comes and the weather warms up again!

How Aeration and Overseeding are Performed

Aeration should be performed when the soil is wet. Afterward, we use an aerating machine to poke holes in the lawn, removing tiny plugs of soil in the process. The plugs are left on the lawn to decompose, allowing the nutrients to return to the grass. Once dried, they may be broken down more quickly by running a lawnmower over them. 

After the soil has been aerated, it can be overseeded. This is accomplished by evenly dispersing grass seeds throughout the whole yard. Extra grass seeds can be sown in thin or damaged areas. After this is done, the grass should be watered often so that the seeds can germinate and grow.

After aeration and overseeding, you may notice a significant improvement in your grass within a few weeks. Once your grass starts to grow again, your lawn will look amazing, and it may even be better than your neighbor’s! 

Aeration and Overseeding Services in Eastern Pennsylvania

Aerating and overseeding your grass allows it to breathe, promotes healthy root development, and increases water drainage. Turfcor Lawn and Tree Care is a company that can assist you with your lawn care needs.

We provide aeration and overseeding services in Eastern Pennsylvania, as well as other lawn care services to keep your grass looking its best throughout the season. We serve the communities of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Allentown, Lancaster, and the surrounding regions. To get started, contact us now!

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